Humans are at the core your products, solutions and services, their experience drives adoption, their expectations are high!

Unitive’s as-a-Service (aaS) goal is to facilitate human centered innovation for measured business outcomes, that helps enable core business transformation for our clients enterprises.

Key areas Unitive leads:

  • We partner with an organisation in developing an innovation portfolio for their client/market facing and back office goals. Using a modular approach we help define priorities, timing, best innovation and improvements approach and tools to move to an aaS future state
  • We help our clients visualise their journey towards an aaS enabled portfolio to leverage digital transformation technologies, design and procure services in  partial to complete aaS model/s
  • We assist in driving strategic change and adoption which is flexible and reflects the current or aspirational culture and of the enterprise
  • We facilitate our clients journey to focus and refine core competency and drive efficiencies that enable speed to current and new markets


Business Outcome Oriented Solutions

In a business to business (b2b) context As-a-Service (aaS) speaks to a commercial and delivery consumption model of services and products which are flexible, scalable and have ongoing enhancement/innovation inbuilt. External and Internal user experience expectations have drastically changed in a digitally connected world.  Commercial Businesses, Governments, Non Profit Enterprises and Consumers now demand more than output, they want tangible outcomes from both their investments.

Client & Market Facing – Many enterprises are needing to create new and re-imagine existing client facing offerings. These are core to their business purpose and value proposition. Connecting the increasingly complex chain of suppliers and partners that deliver the target stakeholders value.

Back Office – Back Office aaS offerings are generally non core to the IP, capability & value proposition of the client (the consuming business). These offerings measured results are specific business benefits / outcomes, often enabling further innovation and investment in to Client and market facing initiatives. They may include Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Human Resources, Finance, Internet/Cloud based services, Information Technology (IT) & Management, IT Infrastructure, Application Programming.