We understand the ITaaS market. Having worked on E2E business outcome focussed & customer centric design, sales & purchase structuring for tier 1&2 IT services companies and government agencies. Our SME’s have recently reduced the total cost of IT ownership (TCO) by up to 30% and improved service capability by 60%.

Additional to helping our clients understand aaS consumption of products and services for overall business outcomes, we are leaders in facilitating end to end strategy and design for Information Technology-as-a-Service (ITaaS). ITaaS is an approach that provides an enterprise with exactly the amount of technology requirements for a given period, usually for an agreed monthly fee (a cloud utility consumption model). Above and beyond Internal IT delivery and outsourced managed service models, ITaaS can deliver the following benefits:

  • Speed, agility & fit for business purpose
  • Lower upfront IT investment and/or ability to shift IT capital costs to operational expenditure (ie CAPEX to OPEX). Allowing the enterprise to generally take savings from commodity IT infrastructure and services and divert into transformation activities such as digital strategy, user and client experience
  • More transparent and robust risk management and mitigation
  • Scalability to flex and meet the demands of the enterprise
  • Up to date and current IT infrastructure and services

Unitive’s approach is based on a logical fit for business purpose and use, standardised and modular architecture that can be replicated from one service to the next. The uniqueness we bring is extensive professional experience in working with businesses across sectors in understanding requirements  and procuring IT services. We use approaches like Design Thinking, Six Sigma and Lean, ITIL Service Management, Project Mgmt (eg Prince2), Agile and TOGAF architecture design principles to formulate innovative, flexible and adaptable service models that give organisations competitive advantage.

For smaller businesses, consider Unitive your Chief Digital Officer … as a Service!

ITaaS in the Market

Some of our observations verified by leading third party analysts:

  • Organisations have to respond much faster to customers and markets than ever before
  • In large enterprises holistic adoption of ITaaS in its intended mode is relatively immature. Enterprises may have parts of their IT portfolio under an aaS construct eg desktop; have a commercial aaS construct but still a traditional managed service delivery experience. The reasons for this many and varied
  • ITaaS adoption in small to medium enterprises at the core infrastructure and applications level is very immature (with the exception of startups). When considering managed services over ITaaS models in many cases the overall TCO for ITaaS may be higher
  • Very few organisations have yet adopted ITaaS end to end in their portfolio, with a delivery model, user and client experience that matches, all underpinned by a flexible commercial construct

IT vendors often sell managed services under the banner of an As-a-Service model. The customer often finds themselves dealing with various  clauses and constraints, system integration issues and managing multiple stakeholders internally and externally. These are all the indicators of a partial aaS model. Our expertise takes the requirements through the cycle of inception, design, integration and change management, pilot and implementation and the final integration into operations. The output – a seamless end to end service model.