Real change can rarely be ‘managed’ or controlled, most often it is best facilitated

Every client and change scenario is different. In all of our engagements we follow a simple
framework that delivers value that aligns with your particular needs.


  • Understand and define the change - Assessment
  • Sponsorship - Identification and contracting
  • Develop measurement framework
  • Focused recommendation/s
  • Collaboratively build strategic intent with stakeholders
  • Develop a C-Suite or board ready business case if required


  • Define responsibilities matrix
  • Build mutually agreed plans (Program, Project, Communications)
  • Develop reinforcement strategy
  • Facilitate - Strategy and engagement implementation
  • Training, Development & Coaching


  • Communications and measurement feedback loops
  • Measure Return on Expectations (ROE)
  • Measure Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Executive review & Next Steps