Lean Thinking

All processes have a level of inefficiency built into them, and over time generally become more inefficient as they are modified to meet new needs. Inefficiency is a result of wasteful practices. Lean Thinking is an approach which provides your staff with (a) an opportunity to understand the different types of waste which can occur in processes, (b) an ability to identify that waste and (c) strategies on how to reduce or even eliminate the waste.

Lean Thinking is targeted towards processes within service industries and small business. A properly implemented “waste removal” program has been shown to deliver up to 40% efficiency savings in businesses, with some achieving 20% to 30% within a month of implementation. These levels of efficiency gains can open up a business to take on significantly more work at the same or similar cost, thereby increasing profit margins and creating a better working environment. Lean Thinking starts with training your people to think differently, which then becomes the platform for change.

Unitive offers the following Lean services:

  • Lean Thinking for Service Industries 1 Day workshop. Download a workshop brochure here
  • Lean Events – We facilitation Lean process sprints
  • Lean Consulting – External audit and assessment of business process and lean capability development

Feedback from some of our recent Lean workshops:

“Great introduction workshop. Paul has very deep knowledge and experience of Lean concepts” Greg – Process Consultant

“Very relevant for organisational and sector changes we are facing and the content was clear for application in the workplace.” Cassie – Catholic Care

“Practical Exercises. Useful and relevant material, open and sharing facilitator.” Rachel – Diabetes NSW

“For one not familiar with these concepts, there was plenty of food for thought. Pretty sure that I will be able to incorporate much of what I’ve been able to digest today into my different roles.” Rob – Volunteer Manager SCARF