Customer Service, Customer Advocacy & Service Delivery

Your brand is built by every interaction that your employees have within and without the organisation. Engaged employees engage with clients. Talk to us about how we have transformed teams to provide service excellence regardless of where they sit in the organisation.

Unitive’s customer experience goal is to facilitate human centered service models for measured business outcomes, that helps enable differentiated client experiences. Additionally:

  • We partner with an organisation in developing a customer service experience approach and service delivery model for their target clients/markets either as a result of new solutioning and sales design or in proactive response to current service delivery issues
  • We assist in accelerating change and adoption of the designed service experience and model

Humans are at the core your products, solutions and services, their experience drives adoption, their expectations are high. Human centered design and org change:

  • Does not mean “soft”, it is about measured business outcomes
  • Is Structured for accelerated and sustainable adoption
  • Is Measurable with leading, not just lagging indicators
  • Is Foccusses on Internal, External and Supply Chain human interactions
  • Automates where sensible

Unitive can support any stage of your requirements. Our consulting approach end to end:

  • Diagnosis → Solution Design → Org Change → Implementation

Unitive’s Customer Experience Solutions

  • Current state vs target state definition & Measurement frameworks
  • Customer contact and journey mapping
  • Solution design, including complex solutioning using design thinking
  • Organisational change plan and implementation methodology
  • Customer experience and service training intellectual property
  • Cloud based change enablement and sustainment platform
  • Voice of Customer engagement and analysis

Find out how this can impact your net promoter scores. View our Customer Service Offering overview here.

Continuous process improvement

Do you need a Lean, Six Sigma, ITIL, Delivery Assurance or an IT procurement specialist? We have deep process & service management expertise and experience in IT procurement across many industries.