aaS Strategy & Design

Accelerate Innovation

Velocity is “the speed of something in a given direction”. We utilise leading design thinking, agile and solution improvement & management tools to help Your Organisation, Your Partners & Your Customers collaboratively design an aaS strategy and solutions….all leading to accelerated purchase and adoption. Some stages require slower velocity to get it right, but the overall outcome is accelerated innovation.

It Starts with Service Strategy…

Unitive’s strategy and design offering enables the realisation of an organisation’s aaS strategy, thus enabling the business to focus on their core operations.

Exceptional and collaborative service and portfolio design is critical to the overall success of the implemented ITaaS model. We lead and facilitate the solution design process from inception to pilot, gathering lessons learnt in refining the aaS design and model, providing consulting and governance to the sales and purchasing processes and the implementation model.

For each offering we help you identify and design the end to end supply chain so that aaS is truly customer centric, seamless, scalable to changing business requirements and procured to true utility commercial models, requiring minimal customer management.

Our aaS Strategy and Design services are right for you if what you are trying to achieve with ITaaS is :

  • A human centered solution
  • Not clearly understood by all stakeholders
  • Highly complex and uncertain
  • Involves significant levels of risk and change (Internally and Externally)

“In order to adopt aaS, organisations are required to carry out a complete redesign, incorporating new skills, capabilities, commercial models and a different type of service provider. To achieve this, organisations need to …Implement design thinking. Customer centred design thinking, coupled with prototyping and iterative development cycles, can bring these elements together and is increasingly being recognised as a prerequisite to drive aaS based transformation.” Source – IDG Computerworld