Solutions & Services

The people in your organisation drive the brand, the client experience, successful strategic implementation, increased revenue, competitive advantage and organisational outcomes.

People outcomes, however, are the most difficult to achieve.
Leadership is the key, but having the right solutions is just as important. Unitive can tailor-make a solution to suit the needs of your business.

Change is the common currency between sales, service, a business initiative – even growth at a group and individual level.

As a Business, Organisation, Sales or Delivery leader our criteria for working with you is:

  • Your project, initiative or engagement must directly impact your own KPI’s
  • You must be able to dedicate time to your model the change (no lip service)
  • You believe your clients, partners and your people can help build your strategy (plans involve commitment at all levels)
  • You believe strategy is emergent and alive. Strategic intent is more important than a final formal strategy document
  • You believe effective training is not an event or a sheep-dip approach – it’s about change, be it process, skills, attitudes or behaviours